We specialize in JDM automobile repairs. When you import a vehicle with SCI you get the guarantee that we will maintain it for you. SCI will also assist you for the preparation of your vehicle for road-worthy tests or other repairs when required. We’re able to assist with engine preparation and have a full body-shop in case the vehicle was damaged on the outside. We thrive to keep our prices competitive and our mechanics possess advanced knowledge and experience in repairing this type of vehicles for more than 4 years.

We are able to offer the following repair services :

After-sales services :

We take care of after-sales services for all the vehicles we provide. We want to make sure a specialist who know your vehicle is assisting you throughout the year.

Maintenance Service :

These vehicles require thorough maintenance. Thanks to our knowledge in that type of machines, we know exactly at what frequency you’ll need to bring it in for check-up and which parts will be required to be changed.

Road-Worthy Test Service :

The tests for your Road-worthy certification can require a bunch of repairs and mods, in certain cases. We will gladly assist you in the preparation for such tests.

Repair Service :

It might be required that your vehicle be repaired, following an unfortunate accident or misuse. As JDM specialists, we’ll gladly get your car back to its brand-new state.