We have access to a large stock of parts, thanks to several providers and partners worldwide. We can get our hands on original parts just as well as customized one. We are in direct contact with Japanese manufacturers to provide us with all parts necessary to our vehicles. We can also order any body parts, engine parts within the shortest timeframes. We import all tuning parts and we only work with the best brands to provide high-end quality services. Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about your projects, it will be our pleasure to guide you through it.

We have the ability to provide and fit the following parts:

Original parts

We are in contact with the manufacturers in Japan. We can provide any original parts directly from them.

Maintenance parts

It’s of the utmost importance to maintain your vehicle the way the manufacturer advises to. That’s why we’re engaged into providing the right parts, for your JDM car.

Tuning parts

If you desire to modify aerodynamism or sound elements of your vehicle we can provide sound, aerodynamic or cosmetic parts for your needs.

Amélioration des performances

It’s possible that you require to order parts to improve your vehicle’s performances, let us know and we’ll see how we can help. We work with the best brands on the market.