We are the swiss leaders in JDM cars import

We import cars from Japan and Europe for road use, circuit competition, drag and drift.We pride ourselves to import only the best vehicles on the market. Each vehicle is scrutinized by our specialists team. Feel free to let us know about your ideal vehicle and we will make sure you get it in the shortest time.

Duration & Conditions

Below are the approximate waiting periods for importing vehicle from Japan and Europe. Approximated periods can vary depending on our partners’ availabilities and swiss organisations level of demand.

days from Japan
days from Europe
days for road-readiness
minimum waiting period



Transmission of a budget and desired features of the vehicle you’re after. We’re here to guide you through it.


We’ll communicate if this vehicle can be found within your price range.


Because of the high number of demands, we might ask for a 1000.-CHF deposit to insure seriousness of your request and use it to book the vehicle when we find it. Once the deposit is made we will communicate a series of offers to you.


If none of the offers interest you, we will refund the deposit. If you decide to purchase one, we use your deposit to make the booking.


Once it’s booked, you make a first down payment of 30% of the total price. We then import, homologate and deliver the vehicle to you, with all appropriate documents.


You make the last payment, for the remaining 70%, once you have tested and approved the vehicle.

Down Payment

From Europe

20% of vehicle price

Remaining balance when delivered

Down Payment

From Japan

30% of vehicle price

Remaining balance when delivered

Our mark of quality

In Japan, when a vehicle exits the territory (export), it has to pass a series of control tests. The vehicle is then graded depending on its state and performance. This grade is added to its exportation certificate. We use this grade to decide if the vehicle is worthy of our clientele. This way we insure all vehicles we own or sell are in perfect shape.

Less than 3.5, we don’t buy such vehicles because they present a high cost of repairs and maintenance.

3.5/5, good. These vehicles have minor defects (body mostly) but work great. There might be parts to replace to make sure it’s 100% good to go.

4/5, very good. These vehicles do not have any defects and work perfectly (nothing was noticed during the tests).

4.5/5, excellent. This vehicle has no defects whatsoever and works perfectly. Usually under 30,000KM. It is close to new. These are very expensive vehicles, we expect the price to be twice the one of a grade 4.

5/5, perfect. The vehicle is brand new. Less than 10,000Km on the dashboard. We expect the price to be 2-3 times more than a grade 4 vehicle.

If you’d like to request a quote and you have gone through the information above.Import Request