If you have purchased a vehicle and would like to homologate it in Switzerland, if you have found that the swiss regulations and policies are an obstacle to homologate your vehicle, you have knocked on the right door. As you probably know, these vehicles are extremely hard to homologate. There’s only a few ways to succeed and few people have the knowledge to do it. When a detail is overlooked, the whole procedure needs to be restarted. Our experts in homologation will gladly help you. They know the exact process to homologate such vehicles, the list of transformations needed and have the ability to solve it. We have also access to a network of qualified people to help you out with gathering information for these inspections, wherever you are. It is strongly recommended to use professionals, most people who don’t seek help never manage to get their vehicle on the roads.

Getting help from professionals is often cheaper and time-saving. Most parts that need to be checked for the swiss inspection are usually overlooked and require extreme attention. We are one of the only organisations that have the knowledge to prepare such vehicles for the swiss regulations. We insure fast and safe services to homologate your car. If you have found a vehicle over the internet and would like us to import it and homologate it, feel free to contact us directly. We will put together a comprehensive and personalized importation procedure. Homologation of engines and turbos are possible but at an extra cost.

We are experts in homologating these elements

Power boost

Depending on the regulations and de capacities of your vehicle, we can homologate most power modifications.


It is essential to have good rims on such vehicles, but they need to be homologated. Going through such procedures is a regular occurrence for SCI.

Adjustable Suspension

Suspensions will help you get a better balance on the road. We are able to homologate your suspensions or provide you with a ready-to-go set.

Exhausts (Cat-Pipe)

A good exhaust will allow your turbos to flow out and will increase the sound produced by it. We homologate such parts on a regular basis on our vehicles.


Homologating turbos are tough, but possible. The solution is to remain within the boundaries of the law and not to overpower the capacities of your vehicle.


We can also homologate engine blocks that aren’t from the original vehicle. This requires an important budget and a good deal of patience.


Cooling systems are extremely important and allow for more power of the vehicle.

Conic Air Filter

Conic filters or with direct admission, are very coveted by most adepts of JDM, homologations of these parts are difficult but still possible.

Homologation Procedure


Drop off of your vehicle (if you already own it).


Payment of 50{6225a1751437fb186a3d11bf543d1ada4ed3144e944716e0804df7e408280c35} of the homologation cost.


Preparation of the vehicle to the swiss norms.


We operate all tests required for the swiss tests.


Swiss inspection at the Lausanne automobiles department.


Pick up your vehicle with its card and payment of the remaining 50{6225a1751437fb186a3d11bf543d1ada4ed3144e944716e0804df7e408280c35}.

Regular Homologation


  • Pick up/Drop off
  • Preparation
  • Parts/mechanical repairs not included
  • Tests and check-ups
  • Inspection procedure

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Homolgation with importation


  • Pick up/Drop off
  • Preparation
  • Parts/mechanical repairs included
  • Tests and check-ups
  • Inspection procedure

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