Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to question asked frequently. Save time by finding information in this comprehensive FAQ list. Answers cover all topics from Stocks, Repairs, Customization and Imports….

Insurances and Guarantees

Is it possible to insure a vehicle imported and delivered elsewhere than Switzerland?

Yes, we have all the required information in order for our insurers to provide an offer. We have access to insurers that will provide the most competitive offers for your insured vehicle(s).

Do you offer insurances for the vehicle you are selling?

Yes we can offer guarantees on most models that we sell.

How can you make sure my vehicle is of a high quality?

As explained in the Import Information Page we only select the vehicle that have passed thorough testing (all tests are made by an independant third party). Only the best graded vehicles are selected.

What happens if the car fails the Road-worthy tests?

This has never happened before. But in case of definite failure to pass the inspection, you will be refunded fully. This clause is automatically added to the contract.

Importation & Inspection/Certification

What’s included in the “Key-in-hand” importation?

The vehicle itself. Transport to Switzerland. All border fees. Revisions and optimisation to pass the road-worthy inspection. Complete inspection fees

Is it possible to import a vehicle without road-worthy certification?

Yes, of course. We can import the vehicle without any intention to pass the inspection ourself. We can also prepare it for circuit use.

What are the waiting periods for imports?

For each waiting period please refer to the Import Informationpage. A minimum of 65 days is expected.

I already bought a JDM car, can you prepare it and/or pass the inspection?

Yes, we will definitely assist you in the process. For more information, refer to the Import Informationpage.

Is it possible to import a vehicle from somewhere else than Japan?

Yes, we can import vehicle from any country. Feel free to share your project with us and we’ll send you a detailed offer.

Is it possible to certify and deliver a vehicle in France or elsewhere in the world?

We can import and export anywhere in the world. Regarding certification and inspections, we have a network of contacts that will pass the test in most European countries.

Payment & Financing

Do you offer financing and/or monthly plans?

Unfortunately we don’t offer this kind of services yet. We will suggest that you contact your bank to ask for leases or to a financing institution, they will gladly assist you with your projects. Migros Bank GE Money Bank CashGate

Can you make an offer on my older vehicle?

Unfortunately, no. It is not possible for us to do that because our prices are consistently lower than market prices. For this reason it will be far more interesting for you to sell it on an internet bidding platform. This being said, very interesting proposals will be given attention for JDM vehicles.