We are able to customize any JDM vehicle (homologated or not) We can modify and improve it to your liking. During the import of vehicles it is easier to homologate parts because they have been checked at the Test Center.

We are experts at modifying and improving these elements:

Augmenting Power

We know how to improve vehicle performances. We offer different stages of preparation, each adapted to road or circuit use, depending on your desire.

Improve aero-dynamism

We can improve aerodynamic aspects of your car, in order to improve it’s stability and handling, as well as its looks. They can be fitted to match a road or circuit setting.

Sound improvements

It’s important for the performance of the turbos to have a matching exhaust, we can offer diverse possibilities to improve the sound elements on your JDM car.

Performance improvements

It’s not everything to have power, the car also needs to handle it. This is where we can help harmoniously improving the performances of your car