The JDM Specialist

We specialize in the import, homologation, repairs, customization and parts import for JDM vehicles.

We Import beyond the borders

Your favorite model isn't findable? We will export it through our specialized network

Full Potential

Modify your vehicle in order to improve it's performances, look or its sound aspects.


Have your vehicles repaired confidently, we assure you a meticulous and personalized service.

Parts services

We are able to provide all kinds of parts in order to maintain or improve your vehicle. Learn more by reading through our dedicated page.


Get behind the wheel of an exceptional carrequest a quote

We will find your dream car

At SCI you can get one step closer to your dream, owning an authentic JDM car. We will do everything we can to assist you in finding it. We offer unique services, for unbeatable prices in Switzerland.

Our passion translates in high-quality services

We are a young, dynamic team with the same passion as you do, JDM cars. We have limitless motivation and we strive under pressure.


We’re leaders in JDM car importation in Switzerland. We have the ability to find vehicles at amazing speed.


Thanks to our experience and skills we are the only company that is able to certify such vehicles on demand in Switzerland


We’re able to repair your vehicle extremely quickly if needed. We insure quality maintenance operated by JDM specialists.


If you require more power, we know how to optimise your vehicle to its full potential, to make it perform better.


If you’d like to add esthetic elements to your vehicle, we advise you in order to customize it to your ideals.

Loose Parts

If you require loose parts for your vehicle, we have access to a large catalog of original parts as well as custom ones to insure the maintenance of your car.